Part E. Pre-Approved - Tuition Financing Agreement:

  1.  EMS Academy offers this option to students as a courtesy. Credit checks ARE NOT required to qualify for Tuition Financing.
  2.  I understand that by applying for financing, I agree to all the following conditions:
    • a. A payment of $ 250.00 must accompany your application.
    • b. A payment of $ 450.00 is due the first night of class. Total payments received by the first night of class should equal $ 7000.00.
    • c. The second payment of $ 250.00 is due on first night of week two.
    • d. The third and final payment of $250.00 is due on the first night of week three.
    • e. Financing fee of $50.00 is in addition to the regular (non-financed) tuition may be applied if at any point a student is in default and late with weekly payments.
    • f. Delinquent finance payments will result in holding of class grades until payment is made and students are not permitted to graduate.
    • g. If I fail to make tuition payments, I will pay all EMS Academy-associated costs incurred in the effort to collect the tuition (including but not limited to bank fees, court costs, attorney fees, lost wages, etc.), whether course was completed or not.

1. Upon completion of the EMT program, if tuition has not been paid, I will not have successfully completed the program, and my application for the state exam will not be forwarded until all tuition & fees have been paid in full.