Mission Statement

Thank you for considering EMS Academy for your Emergency Medical Education Courses. Your goal is our goal! Our mission is to provide you with a higher education that is within your reach and inspire you to change the world, one patient at a time! EMS Academy gives you an opportunity to learn about the newest practices in emergency medicine by educating you in the most current curriculum and technology, while inspiring you to raise the standards of pre-hospital patient care by becoming gainfully employed, exceptionally trained, confident and compassionate when called to help another person in need of help and contributing in a very rewarding profession serving all communities.

EMS Academy offers a unique environment to help you reach your goal of being a confident and highly qualified Emergency Medical Technician. The way that we accomplish this is by working with you - helping you acquire all the various skills and high quality initial training. EMS Academy provides you with comprehensive classroom training, technology, including an online system with resources to enhance your student experience with all the state of the art tools you need to excel and succeed at no additional cost to you in our EMT Programs. EMS Academy has a dedicated staff and their commitment to your success is expressed every day.

EMS Academy is a leader in the Emergency Medical Profession with the belief of teaching people how to help people in some of their most important times of need by educating and preparing all EMS providers to succeed professionally and contribute to their communities. EMS Academy Instructors belief is that it is our primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of achievement entering in this important, rewarding, professional career of EMS by providing a curriculum which exceeds the minimum standard of training in a safe, healthy environment. We are committed to prepare you to be your absolute best during life’s worst moments.